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GlassBonra was established when Co-Founder and all-round good guy, Luke fancied a Chinese takeaway.  

Luke had become fed-up and downright disappointed with his local takeaway so asked other Co-Founder, Peter about his local Chinese takeaway. Peter highly recommended his local Chinse and especially rated the Special Chow Mein or Chicken Curry with Chips.

Although Luke wouldn't go for Chow Mein (THERY'RE JUST NOODELS, RIGHT?!) Luke was delighted and placed his order. 


Luke set off for his Chinese alone, leaving his wife and daughter to find a good film to watch. 

This is where things took a turn for worse - with no second passenger to hold the takeaway bags and ensure the food wasn't roughed up in transit, Luke had no way to secure his precious cargo. 

After a slow drive and some gentle braking, Luke made it home with no spillages. But don't be mistaken, this was not an enjoyable experience. 

After enjoying his takeaway and watching and old episode of Bones, Luke set out to solve the issue of the unsafe takeaway

Skip forward to four 'wine clubs' later (Peter and Luke's wine drinking night) and the idea of Glass Bonra and the Tesla Hook was born! 

With a focus on high efficiency and high effectiveness, Glass Bonra will always design and build the highest quality products. 

Tesla Model 3 Boot Hook

(Above) A moment in history..

The first proto-type carrying a Chinese takeaway 

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